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Become a Glam 

HERE IS OUR WHY: We want you to wake up every day, excited to start working, while having a career that is highly profitable, authentic to you and something you are so passionate about. 

Imagine, your favourite hobby making you a 6-FIGURE income!? Yep, you heard that right! I've helped thousands of women from around the globe.

Learn all of my tips, tricks, and ways of navigating the beauty world. 
Change the narrative of your life now

We've helped people just like you... 

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✨ Become a certified makeup artist 
✨ Levelled up their hairstyling skills
✨ Ditch their 9-5 
✨ Makeup 6-figures (and up) 
✨ Create passive income 
✨ Scale socials 
✨ Build confidence 
✨ Land passive clients or campaigns 

      & so much more...


Makeup & Monetize Certification Program is an 8-week program designed to take the guesswork out of starting your makeup business, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to market, launch and scale your brand. 


Ready to have the biggest cash influx your business has ever seen using the power of marketing your beauty biz?


Kickstart your makeup career! We're conducting an interactive, three-day, Professional Makeup Certification Workshop. Ready to take the beauty world by storm?   

This is your chance to become a certified makeup artist in an accelerated workshop. Receive Pro Discounts with elite brands, experience professional photoshoots and leave with not only a luxurious makeup kit but newfound confidence. 

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Don't leave any money on the table. Ready to double your revenue and perfect the craft of bridal hair? 

Get ready for a deep dive look into hair styling. 

A place for movers and shakers in the beauty industry, to get top tear training and mentorship from leaders and artists from all over the world. 

Think of this as the Netflix for makeup artists and beauty-pernuers. Join in on our live classes and soak in all the insider information as we take you through the journey of makeup, marketing and the behind the sense juicy tea of the beauty industry, 

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