HERE IS OUR WHY: We want you to wake up every day, excited to start working, while doing a career that is highly profitable, authentic to you and something you are so passionate about. 

Imagine, your favorite hobby making you a

6-FIGURE income!? Yep, you heard that right! 

Learn all of my tips, tricks, and ways of navigating the beauty world. 

Change the narrative of your life now




Join Julia, for a three-day Makeup Masterclass. During this class, you will learn everything from theory, social media & marketing, to 5 of the leading makeup looks in the industry. Then practice on models and watch your work get photographed by our in-house photographer. Leave with a $1500 valued makeup kit, Makeup Certification, and Makeup Pro Discounts. 




For the first time EVER - join Julia for an 8-Week Interactive Online Makeup Certification Course. Learn on highly detailed 4K training videos, along with weekly live theory and discussion sessions, assignments, and quizzes. Practice on yourself or live models and hear Julia's feedback on your work.  This course is for makeup lovers wanting to perfect their own glam, boss babes wishing to dive into this 532 billion dollar industry, or artists that want to continue to learn and take their career to new heights! Learn anywhere, anytime. The future you, is so excited! 

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